For many U.S. employees, Sam Malone, the bar owner on the hit TV series Cheers, most closely resembles their own boss, according to a survey by on TV and the workplace. The survey polled 5,727 employees on which TV boss most reminds them of their own boss.

Sam Malone was the most popular response from respondents, who compared the character's amicable and fun qualities to their own boss, followed by Charlie from Charlie's Angels, which respondents classified as an absentee boss.

Other top five answers included Judge Judy Sheindlin from Judge Judy because of her no-nonsense nature; Donald Trump from The Apprentice as the demanding and powerful boss; and Simon Cowell from American Idol, who is seen as judgmental and insulting. Michael Scott, the boss from The Office ranked No. 8 among respondents who classified their boss as "idiotic."

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Published on: Jul 25, 2007