A new interactive website launched by a Small Business Development Center in Pennsylvania is helping the state deal with nearly five million tons of surplus manure.

Manuretrader.org, a free site modeled after the SBDC's Pennsylvania Material Trader, is designed to promote the innovative use of the state's growing stockpile of manure -- the result of new state regulations prohibiting the use of excess manure where it's produced.

Organizers said the site offers opportunities for traditional farmer-to-farmer exchanges for crop fertilization, along with soil reclamation, algae production, building materials, and other unconventional uses.

Gregory Higgins, Pennsylvania's SBDC state director, said the site will help local farmers protect the environment, while "turning their waste manure into a potential revenue stream."

"The Manure Trader website will give our farmers quick access to needed manure and will help facilitate the movement of manure throughout the state," Karl Brown, executive secretary of the State Conservation Commission, said in a statement.

Published on: Aug 6, 2007