Best Buy will be rolling out a line of products with features designed for business use, the Richfield, Minn.-based electronics retail chain said this week.

The company's "Professional Series" will be unveiled on retail shelves, on, and in advertising inserts at all 863 of its stores later this month, the company said. It will initially include notebook computers and networking equipment, with plans to extend the brand to printing products, GPS and navigational equipment, mobile and landline phones and other business-grade products over the next six months. The store also plans to train "business ambassadors" to help owners find the right products for their businesses.

"Business customers have been walking in and out of our stores for years without receiving specialized attention or fully understanding how the various products in our store can work together to improve their business," David Hemler, president of Best Buy for Business, said in a statement. "That's going to change."

Published on: Aug 14, 2007