Adaptec (NASDAQ:ADPT) has teamed up with Open-E, a leading iSCSI software developer, to deliver a reliable, advanced RAID management solution designed for system integrators developing iSCSI storage solutions for small and midsize businesses.

Open-E's iSCSI target software (Open-E iSCSI-R3, Open-E NAS-R3, and the unified storage solution Open-E DSS) has been seamlessly integrated with Adaptec's Unified Serial SATA/SAS RAID controllers and host bus adapters. Open-E customers will now have remote access to the advanced data protection and management services offered in Adaptec's RAID controllers thanks to the Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM). This storage management software, capable of running on all Adaptec controllers, optimizes RAID data volumes, disk utilization, provisioning, diagnostics and storage expansion.

The Adaptec Unified Serial SATA/SAS RAID controllers start at $390; the Open-E DSS is available for $1,250.