ZyXel Communications has launched three new additions to its HomePlug AV Powerline family of networking solutions for small office and home office customers.

The NBG318S, PLA450, and PLA470 will enable users to outfit their home or small office with a wireless network, or expand an existing network.

The new NBG318S wireless router provides an all-in-one solution of Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and the latest QoS technologies for VoIP, video streaming, and Internet access. The PLA450 Wireless Access Point for customers who wish to extend a wireless network has built-in HomePlug AV capability and one Ethernet port. And the PLA470 Wireless Switch is a HomePlug AV adapter with built-in four-port fast Ethernet switch. Rated at speeds of up to 200 Mbps over existing power lines, it enables users to share Internet, printer and central storage over the Powerline network without having to purchase an additional Powerline adapter.

The router is available at $135, the access point at $149, and the switch is $108.