AltiGen Communications (NASDAQ:ATGN)  has teamed up with Multi-Tech Systems to offer small and midsize businesses a complete mobile communications package.

Multi-Tech's CallFinder GSM and CDMA cellular gateways have been combined with AltiGen's Office and MAX1000 series of VoIP Business Phone Systems to create a cost-effective cellular network. AltiGen's ExtensionAnywhere routes calls through the cellular network, while the CallFinders provide toll-free calling between headquarters and in-network cell phones, as well as back-up communication, such as 911 calls, should the public switched telephone network crash.

"The trend toward mobile, remote and distributed workers continues to grow," Jeremiah Fleming, President and COO of AltiGen said in a statement. "This new bundled solution will enable companies to improve their business communications capabilities in a more efficient, cost effective way than previously possible."