IBM (NYSE:IBM) continues to expand its mid-market offerings with the introduction of new solutions designed and priced for midsize business customers in the industrial manufacturing, automotive, fashion and apparel, chemicals, and food and beverage industries.

As part of IBM's Express Advantage strategy, the solutions are complemented by several new technology offerings. The Express Fashion and Apparel, and Express Food and Beverage Solutions for Lawson M3 allow companies to implement pre-configured best practices and streamline their entire operation from production to distribution. The Industrial Manufacturing solution provides customers with industry-specific business applications. The Express Food and Beverage Solution offers an ERP application platform developed for a collaborative, repetitive environment. The Automotive Supplier and Chemical SAP All in One Solutions provide faster, cheaper and more predictable ERP implementation.

In addition to new offerings announced last week, IBM has also unveiled its Disaster Recovery Services for Data Center Recovery -- Recovery Express, and Proventia Network Security Express suite of preemptive (rather than reactive) solutions for Internet security threats.