Given Silicon Valley and New York City's venture capital dominance, perhaps it isn't surprising that VC specifically for women gravitates to those two usual suspects. But the trend is much less pronounced. A look at The Fundery, Inc.'s VC database for women entrepreneurs, shows that the Bay Area and New York, while strong, can hardly be said to hold the same kind of sway. Metros such as Toronto, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., aren't far behind.

With a total of $397 million among them, Toronto (with funds totaling $228 million), Washington, D.C. ($144 million), and Miami ($25 million) nearly equal the Bay Area's $398.1 million, No. 1 in The Fundery. 

Meanwhile, a combination of Los Angeles ($105 million), the Boston area ($67 million), Austin ($20 million), Boulder ($37 million), Wilmington, Del. ($20 million), Victor, N.Y. ($100 million), and Douglas, Mich. ($25 million) come in at $374 million, just ahead of the New York City area ($373.4 million).

When New York and Silicon Valley are taken out of the picture altogether, Toronto emerges as a significant hotspot. Its BDC Capital Women in Technology is the largest individual fund in The Fundery at $200 million.

Check out the graphic below for a detailed look at how the funding in the different regions compare. 

Sep 25, 2019