You're asking the wrong question.

Content creation isn't about coming up with one brilliant idea.

This is what very few people understand about winning the content creation game.

You're a designer. You're a photographer.

You're a writer. You're a columnist.

You're a creative agency. You're creating content for your clients.

Guess what--you're all doing it wrong.

The question isn't, "What should we make? What is going to go viral? What is going to grab people's attention?"

The right question, the question you should be asking yourselves, as a team is, "What process can we come up with so that we are creating something new, every single day?"

Content creation is about Volume. Plain and simple.

I'm not Ernest Hemingway.

So, how have I, as a writer and content creator, racked up over 50 million views on all my writing online?


How have I been published in 50+ digital publications?


How have I built my business?


This is the 1 dumb mistake so many content creators make.

If you're not putting out something new, something valuable, and something worth paying attention to, every single day, then you're losing.

Because the truth is, nobody cares about what you made yesterday.

They care about what hits them right now.

They care about what they want to share, right now.

The Internet has created this sense of urgency within people, and unless you are catering to that sense of urgency, you're not only falling behind--but you're invisible. You're forgotten. Nobody knows who you are anymore.

Which is why I find it insane when people spend weeks upon weeks on a single piece of content. If that's your masterpiece, go for it. I spent five years writing my first book. That was my golden egg, and I wanted it to be a certain way. But all throughout that journey, I also was writing every single day online.


Because I wanted to keep people paying attention. I wanted to make sure my audience was still there for the day my book was done.

Your business is no different.

If you are playing the content creation game, and you aren't operating with a sense of urgency and prioritizing volume, you're doing it wrong.

Want to build your Instagram? Post something stunning, every single day.

Want to build your blog? Write something new, every single day.

Does that sound like hard work?

That's because it is.

And that's precisely why only a handful of people become influencers.

This is a marathon. I've been writing 2-3 pieces of content, every single day, for almost five years straight. Big-time YouTubers do the same. So do Instagram stars.

That's who you're competing with.

It's not just about being creative. It's about being creative, every single day.

Volume wins.