Inspired by Dan Norris over at The 7 Day Startup, he recently put out a list of his favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs. A few of these are favorites of mine, so I figured I'd build off his list and add some of my personal favorites as well.

1. The #AskGaryVee Show Podcast

Podcast. YouTube show. Blog. Snapchat. Everything Gary Vaynerchuk puts out is gold. He is one of the few who has found a careful balance between entertainment and providing true value. The topics he covers range from startup investing, business management, and leadership, all the way to hardcore in-the-trenches digital marketing strategies that would be otherwise reserved for the cubicle-dwellers who obsess over social media platforms. His range of knowledge is astounding and he shares it all with an unrivaled amount of passion.

I'm putting his show first because he is also one of the few who takes the time to explain and talk about the value of self-awareness.  I'm a big believer in that.

2. The James Altucher Show

James Altucher and I are both Top Writers on Quora, and I won't lie, he was a big reason behind my hunger to become a Top Writer on the platform. I saw the impact his writing was having and I pushed myself to write every single day for a year on Quora until I too had the coveted badge.

His podcast is an extension of his Quora content. He covers everything from investing and entrepreneurship to self development--and does so in his own quirky way. 

Always an entertaining listen, to say the least. (And yes, James, it is still my goal to surpass you on Quora!)

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

If for no other reason, Tim Ferriss is inspiring in the sense that he has done something very, very few people have been able to do--build a brand off being "everything."

The cliché "jack of all trades but a master of none," in this case, works to his benefit. So much so, he is seen as a thought leader for everything "better." If you want to get "better," period, you listen to Tim. For those that don't know, Tim Ferriss is also the author of "The Four Hour Work Week," which is now a must-read among handfuls of industries. 

Tim wins because of his personality. He's likable, self-deprecating, yet incredible knowledgeable. If you're a guest on Tim's show, you've "made it." Until then, plug in and listen.

4. ConversionCast

This is probably the sleeper-pick of the list, but all entrepreneurs and business owners know the overwhelming challenges that come with marketing.

ConversionCast is one of the nerdier podcasts out there, diving deep into topics like social media marketing, Facebook ads, e-mail marketing hacks, and digital marketing funnels, all  centered around improving traffic conversion. It is definitely not intended to be an "inspiring" podcast, to say the least, as most of the material will leave your head spinning. But if you are a one or two or five man team and you want some unique ways to market your business digitally, then this is the podcast to learn from.

Side note: These are also the guys behind the company Lead Pages, and essentially their podcast is a marketing tool for the company. See what I'm talking about? 


What are your favorite podcasts? Tweet me your suggestions @nicolascole77.