The holidays (especially Black Friday), along with the end of the year, is a fantastic time for you to reflect and think about where you want to go next year. What are you goals? What projects do you want to get done? And how are you going to step up your game?

One of the best investments you could possibly make in yourself is in your equipment. Whether you are the owner of a company, an entrepreneur, or a content creator, it's crucial that what you are creating is the highest quality you can afford right now.


Because the quality of your content is what sets the perception in your audience's mind. Higher quality content tends to imply that you take your work more seriously, that you have big plans, and people vibe with that. They like to follow the forward-thinkers, the true thought leaders. And truthfully, if you aren't willing to invest in yourself, then why should someone else invest their time and attention into you?

Here are some suggestions for tools you can upgrade to this holiday season, that will ensure your content is of the highest quality this next year:

1. DJI Osmo

A small investment in the grand scheme of things, this Osmo camera is a great starter vehicle for shooting video on the go. The way the gimbal works, you can get smooth, ultra high quality shots while moving. No more shaky camera hand.

2. GoPro Session 5

GoPro cameras have become a staple in content creation, especially if you are a traveler. These little bad boys are perfect for all things extreme (snowboarding, biking, surfing, etc.) and also extremely practical. Take this to your next event and your recap videos will look professional grade.

3. CamKix iPhone filmmaking accessories

If you're really just dipping your toe in the water when it comes to content creation, this might be your best place to start. This little kit is packed full of fun tools you can connect to your iPhone. Lenses, a mini tripod, and more.

4. DJI Mavic Pro

Are you going for that incredible, sweeping aerial shot? Then sometimes the only thing that needs to be done is get a drone. This thing will create some of the most mind-blowing shots you've ever seen in your life. For expert content creators only.

5. Rode Videomic Shotgun Mic

People vastly underestimate the importance of high quality sound in your videos. If you are creating content on the go (think Gary Vaynerchuk's DailyVee series), then you're going to want one of these hooked up to the top of your camera.

6. Smartphone Lavaliere Mic

A great pair to the Rode shotgun mic is having a Lavaliere mic hooked up to your shirt collar. A simple iPhone Lavaliere mic is enough to get you started, and will give you a sense of just how important audio is your for content. Put your iPhone on airplane mode, hook up the mic, and start recording.