Everybody is always complaining about Mondays. How they are the start to a long week. How they are the cornerstone reminder that the weekend is "over." That they are filled with kickoff meetings and long project recaps.

If you aren't a Monday person, well, that's a whole other issue.

But this Monday, in particular, you should be thrilled.

Here's why:

1. Thanksgiving is a short work week. My fellow entrepreneurs, while everyone else is kicking back, you should (while also spending time with your family) realize that this is a mini break for you to put in some extra hours on those projects of yours. This should be good news for you.

2. You have pie to look forward to. Truly, is there anything more inspiring when putting in long hours than warm pumpkin pie at the end of the tunnel?

3. Pretty soon, you'll be in a turkey coma. They say the best ideas come from turning off distractions and letting your mind wander. If that's the case, you'll should have a few brilliant ideas en route while you're lying on the couch post-feast.

4. Your co-workers and teammates will be extra cheerful. There's nothing quite like working with a whole bunch of people who are all equally excited to take a little break.

5. Soon you will get to see your loved ones. It's popular for people to dread seeing their families for holidays, but come on. Every great story starts with the phrase, "So I was with my family...".

6. Your neighborhood will start to empty out soon. For everyone who prefers being anti-social, holidays are when everyone travels. So, if you despise people, then don't worry: pretty soon your streets will be cleared out.

7. Holidays mean time to read up and study. Thanksgiving break might be all about food, but this is also a golden opportunity for you to take some time to yourself. Read a book you've been wanting to pick up. Start thinking of ways you can use this break as a way to recharge your creative muscles.