First of all, the primary purpose of Memorial Day weekend is to commemorate all men and women who have died in military service for the United States. Let's not forget that.

However, this is also the weekend people associate with the "start of summer," and is filled with BBQ, drinks by the pool, and spending time with family and friends.

But the great thing about long weekends is that you can also make them highly productive. It's amazing all the things you can get done with an extra day, moving you one step closer towards the achievement of your goals.

1. Start A New Book

Monday morning, why don't you get up early and pick up something new to read? Make yourself a cup of coffee, a nice breakfast, and then find someplace sunny you can dig into a couple chapters. This will leave you feeling energized and excited to embrace the day.

2. Reflect On Your Projects

There's something about having a day off your normal schedule that brings clarity. Take some time to reflect on how your projects have been going lately, what's on the horizon, what you'd like to finish, and how you can do so effectively. 

3. Set New Goals

Hand-in-hand with some quiet reflection time, make it a point to write down what you want to work on next. Set a few short term goals, and also adjust your long term goals as well. Remember: Your goals should always be slightly out of reach, but still attainable. Too lofty, and you'll never get there. Not ambitious enough, and you'll remain stagnant.

4.  Clear Out Your Inbox

We all know this has needed to happen for a while now. Take an hour and do some house cleaning. You'll be glad you did it come Tuesday when you're back in the swing of things.

5. Call An Old Friend

Life gets busy, and we're all guilty of ignoring people who are special to us just because we "don't have time." On a day like today, give that person a call and check in with them, see how they're doing, and catch them up on what you've been working so hard on. They will appreciate it, and you'll feel better for it.

6. Journal

One of my favorite parts of a long weekend is getting to do some journaling. Under the same category of "reflecting," I suppose, grab your journal and head out somewhere nice--a forest, a lake, or even a park. You'll be amazed at what an hour outdoors spent reflecting and journaling (about anything) can do for you.

7. Learn How To Cook Something New

If Memorial Day is going to be spent grilling, why not put that time towards learning something new? Everyone should know how to cook a burger, a bratwurst, and a piece of chicken on the grill. Instead of being the one who stands around with a paper plate, waiting, hang around the grill and learn from the master chef.