Productivity is the result of preparation.

Anyone who wakes up late, tired, in a rush, and disorganized, will find it very difficult to be productive.

But anyone who takes the time to prepare ahead of time will find it very easy to get into the zone, because they already know what they want to focus on.

If you want to have a more productive Monday morning, I encourage you to take an hour and do these 9 tiny (super tiny) things Sunday night to set yourself up for success.

1. Clean your desk.

It's probably messy from the week before. Papers everywhere. 2 cups of coffee with dried almond milk at the bottoms. A few water glasses. A pen with no cap on. A clean desk really sets the tone for the week.

2. Run the dishwasher.

There is no worse feeling than waking up Monday morning out of plates, with your coffee Thermos still in your backpack from last Friday. Take a minute, load up your dishwasher, and run it.

3. Pick up the clothes on your floor.

We all do it. Do a quick lap, grab your clothes and throw them in the hamper. If there are items still on your floor come Monday morning, somewhere in your subconscious you're going to think, "My life is such a mess."

4. Pick a book you want to read this week.

On Sundays, I like to look through my bookshelf to see what I want to read that next week. Sometimes, I pick a book for pleasure. Sometimes, I choose a topic I want to learn more about (or that I haven't read about in a while). Pick a book and set it somewhere you'll see it in the morning. This will be a trigger for you to remember, "Oh yeah, this week I'm going to focus on this."

5. Clear out your inbox.

I always find it helpful to clear out my emails at some point on Sundays. That way, I can wake up Monday morning feeling like I'm not carrying last week into this week.

6. Make your To Do list for the week.

Grab your journal and sit down for a minute to just think through what you have on your plate. Do you have errands you need to run? Someone you need to call back? Prospective clients you need to get back to? Personal projects you want to make progress on? Make a To Do list for the upcoming week so you know exactly how your time needs to be spent. 

7. Stock your fridge.

If you haven't already, Sunday is the time to go to the grocery store to make sure you have food for the week. Again, nothing worse than waking up and realizing your breakfast options are a 6-day old zucchini and half a carton of almond milk.

8. Stretch.

Going to the gym or heading out for a run is great, but Sundays should be for stretching. Take some time to just vibe out and check in with your body. Are you holding stress anywhere? Does anything hurt? It's amazing how long we go without asking ourselves, "Wait, how do I feel?"

9. Call someone you haven't talked to in a while.

And finally, call someone you've been meaning to catch up with. Part of what adds to our stress is when we feel like we're constantly behind, constantly having to tell people, "I can't right now, let's shoot for next week." So, take some time and call one of those people back. Catch them up to speed--and lend them an ear as well. 

You'll wake up the next morning feeling ready to tackle the world.