If you want to know how to make ads so engaging people forget they're watching an ad at all, take a page out of Dollar Beard Club's marketing book.

In 15 months, this bearded troupe of well-groomed entrepreneurs has racked up 130M video views. Who knew the "beard care" industry could be so engaging?

Despite the fact their videos (you've seen them) are a blend between short comedy skits and an ode to the love of beards (reminiscent of Old Spice commercials, known for their wacky, off-tempo humor and pop culture references), they certainly get the job done. The company has done an astounding job at getting people to pay attention oh so simple: beard care.

Dollar Beard Club is a membership style company (starting at $1 a month) that provides products to their loyal members that facilitate proper beard care. These include the Fundamentals, Essentials, Accessories, and Necessities for keeping a well groomed and healthy maintenance, growth, and style.

To capitalize on November's prized "Beard Month"--where men everywhere decide to either grow mustaches for Movember, or a full forest beard for No Shave November (to benefit charity)--Dollar Beard Club has recruited an arsenal of social media influencers to start what will no doubt be a storm of engagement.

The stars of the video entitled "The Truth About Beards" include:

Be sure to take note of the storytelling in the video. If you are looking to build your brand online using video, Dollar Beard Club is a perfect case study to take a look at.