Coffee fanatics (like me) are always searching for the next best cup. There is nothing better than sitting down with your laptop, ready to get working on something you're excited about, and taking that first sip of morning java.

If you're in need of a little pep in your step, feast your eyes on this concoction from Australia. The jolt it contains is 80 times the amount in a single cup of coffee. Clearly there is some pretty serious productivity that needs to happen if this is what you've sipping on.

It's sold at the Viscous Café, and it contains 4 shots of espresso, 8 ice cubes made from cold brew, and half a cup of 10-day cold brew coffee. According to Vicious, that adds up to half the amount of caffeine needed for a lethal dose!

Apparently the drink was concocted for a nurse completing a night shift, and instead she ended up staying awake for three days straight.

Now might be a good time to question when this sort of elixir would be a healthy addition to your routine (because obviously it's not). But you have to hand it to the company, it is quite the combination--and, in all honesty, I will be stealing the cold brew ice cube idea. That's innovation at its finest.

It's surprising the Silicon Valley crew hasn't jumped on this yet. I thought with all the grass fed butter and Bulletproof Coffee that was going on, this would be an obvious next step. I'm sure it's only a matter of time.