If you want to make the most of your summer, here's the word you need to keep in mind.

No, it isn't work--enough of that happens the rest of the year.

No, it isn't practice--even though you should still make time to make progress toward your goals.

No, it isn't even planning--the future will take care of itself.

The word you need to keep in mind is Presence.

Summer is a time to be Present.

As an entrepreneur workaholic, trust me when I say that being present is much harder than it sounds. There is always another email to answer, another person to call back, another item on your To Do list worth checking off. But I challenge you to make "presence" a primary item on your priority list for the next two months.

The next time you're out and about, look up. When was the last time you looked at the sky? I mean really looked--the puffy white clouds, the bright blue behind them. When was the last time you went for a long walk? Or a hire? Have you gone swimming yet? Have you asked that significant other of yours out for a special date--say a picnic?

All of these tiny activities we tend to disregard in the name of "not having time" are actually opportunities to practice being present, in the moment, relaxed and open.

Without these moments, we miss the point of life entirely. No achievement can take their place, no amount of money can fill their absence.

If you avoid being Present, ask yourself why.

I am not encouraging you to spend your Sundays drinking champagne--unless, I suppose, that's your variation of being present (to each their own).

What I am encouraging you to do is take a look around. See if you can get out of your head for a bit and into whatever is happening around you, right now. If you're at the beach, be at the beach--not on your phone. If you're out with some friends, be there with your friends--not thinking about all the things you didn't get done this week.

Being present is a lot harder than most people want to admit. And the challenge is in honestly admitting to yourself when you are avoiding presence, spending all your time up in your head instead.

Your challenge for the summer.

See if you can spend at least one day per week (or, at least a solid few hours) doing something that is completely and entirely unrelated to any single goal in your life. Again, trust me, this is easier said than done, but it works. It brings you back to reality. It helps you get back in tune with yourself and what it is you truly want in life. And it clears your mind.

Go for a long walk. Lay by the pool. Do something that forces you to be detached from all the stresses of your everyday life, and just focus on being here, now.

If you can do that for the rest of the summer, you won't fall into fall.

You'll be more ready than ever.