Mother's Day is coming up, and it's safe to say that every mom deserves a little recognition.

As difficult as it is to get an office full of employees to cooperate and work together, it's even more difficult to manage a family. From after-school activities, sports teams, music lessons, and doctor's appointments, to family chores and beyond, keeping a household in working order is no easy task. Yet, moms everywhere step up to the plate.

One of the best advertising campaigns I've ever seen was done in 2015 for the card company American Greetings. The ad was called "World's Toughest Job" by the agency Mullen Lowe. It creatively expressed some of the most difficult parts about being a mother. It was filmed as a series of Skype job interviews looking for candidates to fill a role with "impossible hours and no pay." By the time the video was done, it was revealed that this exhausting and impossible job no one would ever accept was work that a mother has to do every day. The video was a smash hit, and went on to accumulate well over 20M views. The video resonated because not only could every mom relate, but so could every other member of the family.

The biggest pain point for families, where moms tend to carry the most burden, is lack of time. When I was growing up, my mom would say time and time again, "There just aren't enough hours in the day." That's because she was taking me to piano lessons, my sister to violin lessons, my two youngest brothers to gymnastics and soccer practice, figuring out what to make for dinner, and calling my dad to remind him to take the car into the shop on the way home. Meanwhile, she was putting her own personal life on the back-burner. Every mom can relate to that.

One of the things I love most about technology and startups looking to solve real problems in the world, is the fact that many of them start as solutions to their own pain points. This new calendar app made for families (specifically with moms in mind), Calroo, is a perfect case-in-point.

Calroo was created by a Mom-and-Dad team who take care of their two active kids as well as aging parents. They experienced the same pain that all other parents face: juggling everyone's schedules, and coordinating pick-ups, drop-offs, birthdays, doctor visits, and daily chores that needed to get done. So they built a calendar app that everyone (yes, even the ten year old in the family who has his own smartphone) can use to keep track of each other's schedules.

"We created Calroo for busy families, especially for busy moms," said co-founder and CEO, Elena Krasnoperova. "As a family, we hated having to use five different apps just to coordinate who was picking up whom, and what we needed from the grocery store on the way home. Even when both parents work outside of home, it tends to be the moms who end up doing the bulk of the coordination and child-care duties. So we made a calendar app that helps moms get more help from their spouse and other family members. Moms can simply swipe to-do's and assign them to other people in the family."

If I had a nickel for every time I woke up to a list of to-do's on the refrigerator as I was growing up, I would be rich by now. As younger generations become more and more technologically savvy, it's solutions like Calroo that not only make sense for adults but seamlessly integrate with young people's behaviors. After all, if your kid is going to be staring at their smartphone all day, you might as well have your daily reminders appearing there instead.

Long gone are the days where moms and dads are hesitant of embracing technology, especially when the technology was developed by parents who live and breathe the problem every day. So in terms of new tech and innovation, it's really about coming up with solutions that cater to both sides of the equation--or family, in this case.