Is the IPO market finally shaking off the Facebook debacle? 

Manchester United, the much-celebrated English soccer team, announced today that it plans to file its initial public offering in the U.S., rather than the U.K., according to the New York Times. 

The organization is just the latest to declare its intentions of going public. Already, a handful of U.S. companies are set to dive into the choppy market waters left in Facebook's wake.

Check out what’s slated for this month: 

1. Palo Alto Networks: This could be a juggernaut: The Santa Clara, California, company, which makes firewalls for computer security, is reportedly looking to raise $229 million with its public offering--putting its valuation at $2.6 billion. 

2. Kayak: The travel site announced today it has priced its shares between $22 and $25 (putting its valuation at $1 billion). Kayak has delayed its IPO several times since filing in November 2010. 

3. Fender: With fans ranging from Jimi Hendrix to your older brother, Fender has been making guitars since 1946. The company announced earlier this month that it hopes to raise $160 million with its public offering, putting the company valuation around $395 million.  Fender, which went through some financial struggles in 2010, turned it around in 2011 to bring in $19 million in profit.

4. Five Below: The teen retailer, which announced this week that it is proceeding with its IPO later this month, is looking to raise $135 million. The company, which prices all of its products below $5, is based in Philadelphia.

5. Durata Therapeutics. The biotech company based in Morristown, New Jersey, announced it plans to raise $86 million, with shares priced at $11 to $13. The company’s signature drug, Dalbavancin (an antibiotic for skin infections) is reportedly in phase 3 clinical trials. Like many other biotech companies, Durata is reportedly not profitable.