Early stage entrepreneurs are by definition pretty scrappy, usually dead broke and are traveling so much they have to live out of a suitcase 90% of the time. Building your dream doesn't come cheap, so this holiday season, when you're deciding what to gift your favorite storm-chaser, get them something they will actually use.

1. Bag

You don't want that old JanSport backpack from the 9th grade in a board meeting. Try this one from Matt & Nat for under $200. If you are a serious traveler and want something more durable, This Is Ground has an incredible wifi enabled backpack that keeps everything organized. That one is on my personal wish-list. For someone who likes to give back, try this one from Enrou - made entirely by hand from artisans in Ecuador.

2. Go kit

If you follow my column you'll have read about my go-kit. There is nothing worse than realizing you don't have something essential while abroad. A perfect gift to give someone who will be living in airports for the next year is a pre-packed kit:

3. Really, really comfortable pajamas

When traveling you are already missing some of your at-home amenities. Having something comfortable like these PJ's from Eberjey makes you feel at home without actually sleeping in your own bed. If you aren't a pajamas person, you can always use socks especially during long plane flights and hotels. and they've all said comfortable socks, like these from Foot Cardigan that will ship you socks every month.

4. A carry-on cocktail kit

Because let's be honest, when you're working this much, you need a cocktail to go. Try this one from Carry On.

5. Things to make your trip stress-free

When I'm traveling I'm constantly feeling like I've forgotten something like being on a call or missing calendar alerts. Ringly, a wearable tech startup that alerts you of important things recently came out with a ring or bracelet. Pair your ring with your Apple Watch and you won't miss a beat.

6. Back up chargers

Pretty self explanatory, but I've tried all of these personally and love them: