For any business owner or high level executive in marketing (specifically fashion, beauty and tech), conferences are an incredibly important part of planning for the year; however, choosing which to attend can be daunting. Here is my list of the best conferences you can't afford to miss in 2018.

While this conference is focused only on beauty, the organization also formats education panels and sessions on marketing, social media, sales and more. Plus, each year their speakers and panelists get more incredible and I can say from experience it's an amazing place to meet brand partners as often founders are there as well.

Both an amazing resource for women and a conference, Create & Cultivate is one of the newest on the scene. The conference itself is great, but the most incredible part are the amazing attendees. You will meet some of the most influential women in the world sitting in the audience!

I've spoken on a panel at Decoded in the past and it was one of the most well organized events I've been to. I highly recommend coming for the keynote speakers, I felt like I learned more there than at any of the other conferences I had been to in the past.

Typically in NYC, this conference had some of the best names in business at their first event in LA last year. If you are a startup brand I highly recommend showing your product here as it has a high concentration of amazing influencers and editors in attendance.

5. Glossy

A subsidiary of Digiday, Glossy focuses on retail in the fashion and beauty space. Their newsletters are highly informational, really well written and the events are incredibly informative. Bring something to record or take notes, you will use the information you learn here immediately!

Started by Sarah Boyd, this conference was one of the first ever to focus on fashion & beauty. Sarah recently sold Simply Inc. to Nylon and they plan on hosting even more events this year. 

Published on: Feb 1, 2018
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