Every year I get asked what types of gifts people should get for their team and/or clients for the holidays. Gift giving is tough, especially when you want to give something that people will actually use.

Even if you simply want to get yourself a little something to celebrate your success, these are seven things every entrepreneur needs in their life:

1. Good-Looking Notebooks & Pens

The power of writing things down does not get enough hype. Starting a business can make your mind turn to mush. Sleep depravation and the constant "go-go-go!" mentality will eventually take a toll. Something I've found incredibly useful for myself is a Productivity Journal or simply a journal where you can record daily musings and important tasks. I personally love this one from Papersource.

Additionally, personalized stationery is also a great way to go. RedBliss has a collection of unique custom designs to choose from, and Papyrus has a variety of options that will arrive quickly as well.

2. Audible Subscription

I've talked about my love for Audible before, but I've given this as a gift to a few first-time founders along with a list of books to download and it's always been a huge hit. Here are some of my favorite books to listen to.

  • A pair of amazing headphones is a great addition to this gift : FRENDS $199

3. A Great Bag

I've spoken a lot about travel as an entrepreneur, and whether it's for conferences, investor meetings or sales trips, you need to have something durable, easy to access and will look professional in a meeting setting.

4. Protective Eyewear

As a business owner, especially one in tech, you are sitting in front of a computer screen all day. One of the main reasons for those awful headaches behind your eyes is from the lights emitted from your screen. EyeBuyDirect has eyewear that protects you from the harsh lights from your computer - whether or not you have a prescription. Everyone in my office loves them and has said they feel a difference after even only a day of wear.

5. Standing Desk

Aside from having corn hole and ping pong in the office, a super-trend among startups is the standing desk. And with good reason. Your posture, like your eyes are taking a hit by sitting at a desk all day. These desks can be insanely expensive in most cases, but this one from My UpDesk is made to sit on a regular table and can be elevated or lowered any time. Plus, it's a lot less expensive!

6. A Performance Watch

One of the best gifts I've been told I've ever given was a wristwatch that worked both for every day as well as dressed up for a professional setting. One particular brand I love is C+C as they donate a portion of all proceeds to animal welfare. These are great gifts for your team as well!

7. A Gag Gift Fit For The Budding Unicorn

You're building the next Aribnb/Uber/Netflix/whatever, so have a little fun. I'm giving some variation of these as gifts this year, too!