Unless you have a startup yourself, you likely have no idea how ridiculously broke you can be - especially during the holidays. So, I've outlined all of the best things you can buy the startup founder in your life that will make them both relieved, and extremely happy. Because let's be honest, startup salaries are not what you'd think.

Relevant Gift Cards

  1. Amazon Smile - They're broke, they need everything

  2. Moo.com - Business cards, books, flyers, you name it

  3. Target - Because, obviously

Travel Accessories

  1. Luggage:
 inline image


 inline image
  • Raden Smart Suitcase $295 - It has an integrated phone charger and fits in even the smallest overhead spaces
  •  Briggs & Riley Expandable Suitcase $560 - It's worth every penny if you need a little extra space for cold weather clothing
  • Smart Birdy $500 - I use this bag every time I leave the city and it fits everything any carry-on does

2. For pet lovers:

3. Personal

  • Quip Toothbrush $65 - Includes a full kit, and free refills for a year
  • Nonda Charging Monitor - While you travel your car battery can drain leaving you with a lovely surprise when you return. With this app, you will be able to check on it while you're away!
  • Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet $395 - Helps you sleep better with jetlag
  • Nifty Charger from $54 - This mobile charger will even charge your MacBook for yo
  • PaperSource Planner from $9 -  I personally love this one, I used the 2017 version this year and it was a huge help
  • Everlane Backpack $68 - This one helps you stay organized at the airport with easy access pockets