It feels like there are a million SaaS companies launching every day. We see a variety come through the agency, as founders are offering cheaper, boxed solutions to meet the basic needs of different rapidly iterating companies.

Even PR has a new set of solutions every year. Cision, Meltwater and Mention are a few I know have captured market-share, but even if you use all three of these, there are still missing features waiting to be filled.

As a founder, we all know the rules for launching anything - interview your target market, find out what they need, build it, test it, and then release it to the wild.

But what if you could create a custom solution for every individual business? It would be the dream, right? As business owner and someone who relies heavily on software to run my business, the answer is yes.

A company called EMS Barcode Solutions is doing that for product based businesses with Flowtrac Software. An inventory and asset tracking management software founded by Eric Sutter.

If you think about any other company that you love, I'd be willing to bet a common thread is that they have incredible customer service.

Companies like EMS, Mention and Meltwater all touch on the customizable effect to attract (and keep) users.

This notion of customization is fairly new in the software solutions industry. So if you are planning launching a SaaS company, know this: the stronger your custom features, the longer your lifetime value.

If you are a business owner, as you grow, you'll need a third-party service to help you run your company.

Published on: Aug 19, 2016