Video Transcript

00:11 Nina Vaca: What a great crowd. They say that all great speeches are on a day when the speech most resembles a mini-skirt. As short as possible, but covering all the essentials [laughter] Today is that day 'cause I've been given 15 minutes or less to talk to you a little bit about who I am, where I came from, the company I built, where we're headed, how we got there, all the while becoming one of the fastest growing companies in our industry, making the Inc 500... 5000 list eight years in a row, becoming one of the most influential people in my industry, all the while having four kids in six years, working with my baby brother, working with my big sister, working with my mother, and yes, working with my husband and we are still married and I'm not wearing a mini-skirt.

01:03 Vaca: So, I'm gonna do my best to do just that. But if I can inspire just one of you, either tangibly or inspirationally, to go out and build your businesses, then my job here is done. Sixty percent of the best jobs created in America are created by small businesses. High-growth businesses are responsible for the vast majority of all the hiring in the United States. So, before I begin, I'd like to recognize Inc Magazine for having the vision and the courage to recognize the contributions that small businesses make to this great country. Can you help me thank them?

01:47 Vaca: I didn't wanna underscore what's actually happening here. As you've heard in my introduction, I come from extremely humble, humble beginnings. My mother and father immigrated to this country in the 1960s and they came here with a suitcase and a dream. They had five children and they found out, like most Americans today, that entrepreneurship was the way to their American dream. And perhaps this is the first lesson I want to give you. You see, I grew up watching my parents fail, and fail, and then fail again. And I watched them fail again and lose homes and have and have not. And through that, I'd like to say I had a front row seat to entrepreneurship.

02:31 Vaca: I had a front row seat to watching what it really takes to build a business, and understanding fundamentally that in this country you can do anything you wanted to, if and if and if you're willing to make that sacrifice. So, the lesson I want to convey today is that there's nothing more powerful than that silent example. So, don't be afraid to let your children see you sweat. Don't be afraid to let them see you cry and let them see you fail over and over and over again. Because, you see, there is no such thing as an overnight sensation. And that in and of itself, that failure that I saw them go through, was probably the best solid example of my life and has made me who I am today. Because it's that failure that allowed me a long time ago to figure out, "You know what? I'm not gonna be a product of my circumstances, I'm not gonna let my circumstances define me, I'm gonna define me".

03:34 Vaca: And so, a long time ago, I figured out that I was gonna set out not just to build a business, but to change generational wealth in my family. And I don't mean just financially, in my family and in my community.