Video Transcript

00:11 Nina Vaca: The topic today, is to talk to you a little bit about doing it all with your family. And I could really sum that up in one word, respect. I'll talk about an emotional issue and then I'll talk about a pragmatic issue so we can kind of put it into context. Respect, the only way that you can make things work with your family members is to have an unconditional respect for who they are, who you are, what your talents are and what their talents are. You see, I've seen a lot of small businesses fail and I don't know why. This happens to a lot of women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses. They end up failing because they believe that the CEO has to be everything to everybody. And what I have learned through my life is that leaders, true leaders, they understand that they alone don't have all the answers. And they know how to surround themselves by people that are smarter than them.