The COVID-19 pandemic has changed virtually everything about the way we do business--and there's no going back to "the way things were." Companies today are operating in a new environment, navigating everything from safety protocols to emerging customer demands to adapting business models. To succeed in today's business landscape, it is crucial to understand the ways COVID-19--and its variants--have affected businesses. Companies must embrace the lessons learned through challenging times and emerge with new resolve and determination. And doing so requires strong, visionary, and highly responsive leadership.

In this webinar, presented by Oracle NetSuite and Inc., a panel of thought leaders discussed this new business landscape, exploring a range of potential topics, including:

  • Crucial business lessons from the depths of COVID
  • Remote work and the increased adoption of key technologies.
  • Hybrid work structures and their impact on company culture and leadership
  • The importance of partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Flip side opportunities: how to recognize them and take advantage of them

The webinar features business leaders who have faced the challenges COVID placed on their businesses and have used effective leadership to steer through to the flip side.

Panelists include:

  • Ashley Driscoll, Director and Corporate Controller; The Predictive Index
  • Tom Kelly, Director Product Marketing, Management and Analyst Relations; Oracle NetSuite
  • Venkat Ranga, Head of Business Information Systems; Aryaka Networks
  • Moderator: Angelina Darrisaw, Founder and CEO; C-Suite Coach