It doesn't take a Harvard MBA to understand there are negative pressures on the economy. Supply chain breakdowns, the high cost of fuel and energy, the impact of the conflict in Ukraine, all conspire to dampen economic growth and prosperity.

That being said, there are positive steps businesses can take to minimize the ill-effects of the economic turndown.

This Oracle NetSuite business guide offers seven steps CFOs and their companies can take now. For even those who "hope for the best," this guide is designed to help you "prepare for the worst." 

The seven steps include practical and actionable advice on:

  • Assessing your cash flow and implementing rolling forecasts
  • Proactive cost-cutting
  • Re-evaluating your supply chain
  • Taking a fresh look at your inventory management practices
  • And so much more!

Learn about all these (and other necessary and immediate steps to take) by downloading this free business guide today!