CFOs have always needed to be expert multi-taskers. Traditionally, they've been responsible for internal controls, compliance, and closing the books accurately and quickly. With the advent of COVID-19, CFOs need to be on top of a host of regulatory changes, managing economic upheavals and dealing with new technologies designed to provide a more accurate picture of where a business' finances stand.

Oracle NetSuite's white paper, The Future of Finance is in the CFO's Hands, also shines a light on four businesses and organizations led by "Hall of Fame" CFOs, those employing state-of-the art technologies, including Blockchain to effectively, intelligently and strategically lead their finance efforts.

It also delves deeply into the technologies providing invaluable support to CFOs and all employees with finance functions. Whether it's a sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution or uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning to get a crystal clear look at the state of your finances, this white paper will arm you with actionable and practical advice.