There is no question that great leadership can help a business navigate even the most difficult, turbulent times. Maintaining a positive company culture, nurturing, and managing your team, and being decisive (and smart) in decision-making are all critical to ongoing success.

But it's not enough. Leadership must be complemented and supported by systems that provide a solid foundation and have the flexibility to adjust as business needs change.

Oracle NetSuite's white paper, "7 Ways Cloud ERP Helps Organizations Build Resilience and Agility," introduces readers to the latest, most modern cloud-based Enterprise Reporting Planning (ERP) available today and will demonstrate how such an ERP unites finance and accounting, customer service, procurement, inventory, supply chain management, warehouse management, and order fulfillment on a single platform.

The result? Unified core business operations, improved internal controls, and enhanced visibility into organizational performance.

The white paper breaks this argument down into seven distinct advantages of employing cloud ERP and why employing such a solution has never been more important.