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The term "small- to medium-sized business" (or SMB) is fast becoming outdated. Soon, it will be as obsolete as landlines, fax machines, and even dialing "411" for information. The world is changing - quickly.

By traditional standards, an organization's size (i.e. "annual revenue" or "number of employees") has always dictated its economic impact. That is no longer true.

Digital technologies level the playing field by making it possible to identify opportunities, analyze trade-offs, and then adapt faster and more efficiently, all without the overhead of brick-and-mortar assets or large numbers of employees.

Simply put, when smaller companies properly utilize digital technologies they can produce a level of value equivalent to that of large enterprises. This is known as value equivalence. So, instead of asking, "How big is your company?" ask, "How much value does your company contribute to the world's digital economy?"

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