LinkedIn kicked off the second day of its 2014 Talent Connect conference in San Francisco by announcing new ways it will make recruiting and hiring more efficient for companies.

"Today what differentiates an average company from a great company is talent," said Wade Burgess, LinkedIn's vice president of talent solutions. "We are working to connect talent with opportunity at mass scale."

Since its 2003 launch, LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool for recruiters to manage the potential pool of candidates. The social platform offers an official "Recruiter" profile option, which allows recruiters to search the entire network beyond just their personal connections and track outgoing queries. To better serve the needs of these recruiters, LinkedIn has two new features in the pipeline for an early 2015 launch. 

The first is a data visualization tool that will enable recruiters to find qualified candidates by broadening the data. Burgess shared the example of how hard it was to find qualified sales engineers in Detroit. However, if recruiters widen the search they can find leads in Cleveland as well. Furthermore, the data visualization tool will allow recruiters to target Cleveland engineers more likely to move to Detroit for a new job.

Data visualization will be a way for hiring managers with very specific needs to see a wider range of qualified candidates by strategically revising the criteria (geography, compensation, experience level).

"In a way we're doing what Billy Beane did," Burgess said. "Looking at a set of data no one else is looking at to recruit a winning team."

The second tool, also expected in 2015, will help recruiters spot trends and patterns among previous successful hires to find more people who are likely to fit the company culture.

"What if you find that successful hires have worked at startups instead of the tech giants?" Burgess asked the audience. "What if you find they come from a certain school or are already connected to co-workers? You can use this insight to find candidates who are a company fit."

LinkedIn also announced that its Recruiter tool is now integrated with SmartRecruiters, a centralized cloud platform for HR recruiting.