The Spice Girls should have a new nickname for their most stylish member: Meet Trep Spice. 

Victoria Beckham has been named the U.K.'s top entrepreneur of 2014 by British business magazine Management Today. According to the publication, Beckham is "living proof that celebrity may be the most marketable commodity of all."

Beckham has successfully parlayed her pop music fame into a second act as a fashion icon and businesswoman who's reportedly worth more than $300 million. First launched in 2008, her eponymous fashion business now includes dresses, luxury handbags, eyewear, and fragrances with annual sales of almost $50 million.

"First time around I felt famous, but now I feel successful," Beckham told The Guardian last month.

In the last five years, sales for her 100-person company have increased by 2,900 percent and her workforce has grown by 3,233 percent. These two figures are what Management Today uses to rank their annual list of entrepreneurs. In 2014, the Beckham's business took the No. 1 spot in both of these measurements.

Management Today acknowledged that more than a few critics would dismiss their top choice as the "Eliza Doolittle" of fashion, but editor-in-chief Matthew Gwyther was quick to defend Beckham by pointing out her impeccable insight on what women want to wear and her keen ability to capitalize on her celeb value.

Indeed, Beckham appears to be far more than a figurehead. "The final decision is always mine," she told The Guardian. "It's really important that every aspect of what we do--the clothes, the swing tags, the shelves, everything--represents my point of view, because that's what the brand stands for."

Even the notoriously cutthroat fashion industry has continually embraced Beckham's choices. Her runway presentations at New York Fashion Week have been received warmly, and she was named "Designer Brand of the Year" at the British Fashion Awards in 2011.