Welcome as they are, the holidays come with a long to-do list: Decorating the Christmas tree, sending out greeting cards, dashing madly across town trying to get gifts for everyone on your list. For entrepreneurs who already have too few hours in the day, crossing off that last item can be tough.

With Christmas just a few days away, there is still time to get gifts without having to face a stampede at the mall. Many services now offer instant digitally delivery and some stores, including Amazon, can even do same-day delivery for physical gifts.

Below are some time-saving options for last-minute holiday gifts that won't disappoint. 

E-Gift Cards

Every major company from Best Buy to Whole Foods offers e-gift cards that you can purchase online and send instantly via email to the recipient. Target e-gift cards can be sent via text. Southwest e-gift cards never expire and can be sent via email or mailed overnight. Home Depot allows you to upload a personal photo or video to customize your e-gift card. If you are on the go, you can use the Gyft app to browse through your e-gift card options from over 200 retailers. Other online services like GiftRocket and Giftly send non-specific gift cards via email, Facebook or text and can be redeemed almost anywhere.

Amazon's Same-Day Delivery

Interested in sending a physical gift? Amazon may be your last-minute savior. The online retailer is offering same-day delivery on Christmas Eve in select urban areas. Amazon Prime members can get a same-day delivery for a flat $6 fee, while non-Prime members pay $10 for the first item and an additional $1 for each additional items. The orders have to be placed by 10am on December 24 in order to arrive that same day at 9pm by local express delivery. (Will next year's last-minute gifts be delivered via drone? A fleet of flying robots hovering over rooftops on Christmas Eve could make aerial sleigh-navigation tricky.) 

Digital Goodies

Books, movies, albums, video games and apps are perhaps the easiest gift to send this holiday season. The iTunes Store, the Google Play Store, Amazon and the PlaystationStore offer an endless array of digital entertainment goodies and the option to gift to anyone with an email address.

Streaming Subscriptions

The popularity of streaming services this year makes them a perfect and still affortable gift for entertainment hounds. On-demand streaming services like Spotify and Hulu offer e-gift cards that can be redeemed for one month up to a year subscription. The notable holdout is Netflix, which does not currently offer an online way to gift a subscription, but physical Netflix gift cards are available at Target.

Charitable Donations

Making a charitable donation in someone's name is considered a very thoughtful gift (not to mention tax-deductible), and many charities accept donations online. Charity Choice Certificates has partnered with the top charities to create ecards that allow the donor to choose the donation amount and the recipient to choose the charity it goes towards.