Changing up the workplace scenery with company outings and off-sites can serve to spark creativity within the organization, give employees a break from the daily grind and build stronger teams. Hosting an off-site at a hotel conference room or at a co-working space can get pricey, however. 

Starting Wednesday, the mobile app PeerSpace is expanding to Los Angeles and helping small businesses and entrepreneurs in the area find and book affordable, local workspaces for company off-sites and events. Venues available to L.A. businesses via PeerSpace range from a modern loft in Venice to the locker room in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

"We're solving a really big problem on both sides of the marketplace," PeerSpace co-founder Rony Chammas tells Inc. "While empty galleries and photography studios sit underused, companies are tired of having meetings in hotels."

PeerSpace first launched in San Francisco and the Bay Area in March 2014 with venues including rooms in the Ferry Building and an abandoned train station in Oakland. Quickly, the platform began experiencing a 30 percent growth month-over-month. According to the company, over 12,000 hours have been reserved through the platform, generating upwards of $5,000 a month in additional revenue for hosts who have listed their space for short-term rental.

Tech companies are some of PeerSpace's most loyal clients for reserving remote spaces, listing their own office space or both. A team at Google, for example, used PeerSpace to rent a residence in Menlo Park for an intimate off-site. Startup academy General Assembly has both listed its SOMA workspace on PeerSpace and reserved a remote loft for a job fair.

"For companies to be more productive and be able to motivate and innovate, it helps to be in an inspiring location," says PeerSpace co-founder Matt Bendett.

Another similar Airbnb-inspired service, Breather, is available in San Francisco, New York, Ottawa and Montreal, but it focuses on smaller, private rooms for entrepreneurs who can still count their employees with one hand.