Virgin founder Richard Branson is a man of many strategies. One that has been particularly successful for Branson and his company is the "walk-about managing technique," in which a manager literally walks around instead of sitting behind a desk all day. Whenever Branson takes a Virgin flight, for example, as soon as the seat belt sign goes off, he makes sure to get up, walk around, and gather feedback from his airline staff and the other passengers.

"One of the key attributes to being a good leader is listening," Branson tells Inc. president and editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg in an interview. "And very importantly, make sure you act on that feedback when you get back to base."

According to Branson, this acute focus on improving even the smallest aspects of your company can push it from average to outstanding. "An exceptional company is one that gets all the little details right," he says. "The people out on the frontlines know when things are not going right. If you listen to them, you can soon improve all those negative things."

Another one of Branson's best-known methods is the "Screw it, just do it" strategy, which has encouraged the daring entrepreneur to follow his intuition and err on the side of taking action.

"Going through all the figures to see if we should launch a new business venture, we'll carry on talking forever, but in the end someone is going to have to make a decision," Branson says. "Having that ['just-do-it'] approach is a whole lot more fun."

To hear more from Branson on his signature managing techniques, watch the video below.