I know. I know. You are never going to do it. You'd rather have a root canal without a shot of Novocain (or whatever metaphor you use to describe extreme pain).

But play along with me for a minute.

I understand one of the major reasons you started a business was you were tired of working for someone else.

(And I know there is a significant number of you who NEVER have worked for someone else. You started a business right out of school, and you have been at it ever since. You have always been your own boss.)

But I also know, as someone who has his own microbusiness and who is married to a woman who has built an extremely successful small business, there are days when working for yourself just doesn't seem like the world's best idea.

Indeed, if you want to make an entrepreneur smile, simply say: "I know: I will start my own business; that way, I will have complete control over my life."  He or she knows how funny that line is.

A daydream?

The fact that two of the most successful entrepreneurs I know emailed me within 15 minutes of each other yesterday complaining about what a tough week they were having dealing with problems only entrepreneurs face is what triggered this post.

On the type of days my two friends were having, being employed by a company with unlimited resources and an organization that would give you four weeks of paid vacation and would cover for you when you had something like jury duty could have a lot of appeal.

So, I want to know (even if it is only a passing fantasy) what would it take to get you to work for someone else.  (And I am also curious why you would never do it.)

Please tell me by filling out the "comment" below, and I promise to include the most intriguing answers in a subsequent post.

Published on: May 16, 2014