For millions of tech-forward, globalists across the world, 2016 has been a tough year. But there have been many exciting bright spots and here are 25 exciting ideas, accomplishments, and trends in technology to make you feel excited about the world and humanity's direction.

1) Colonizing Mars is becoming a real possibility. SpaceX, NASA, and others have all set realistic goals of sending humans to Mars before mid-century.

2) Amazon Prime Now will eliminate the word patience from the dictionary

3) Streaming platforms have created more and better TV-web content with more variety than ever before

4) In California, you can now have that side joint while pulling a coding all-nighter

5) New tech-enabled devices have made home security cheaper than it's ever been.

6) Canada learned it will need to build an immigration website that can handle a lot more web traffic

7) Facebook is dramatically extending its vision for worldwide internet access

8) 3D Printing will soon be able to create organs, saving millions of lives

9) Samsung learned it should make phones that don't catch fire on planes

10) Wearables stopped worrying as much about fashion and started doing amazing stuff, like sweat analysis

11) Live streaming events has made them more accessible to viewers at home than ever

12) Facebook created a news algorithm that lets its users live their lives without ever seeing an opposing point of view

13) The NFL's declining ratings may help them realize that players need personalities and all timeouts don't need commercials

14) We invented glasses to help the colorblind

15) The world is waking up to the dangers of hacking, and may finally take action

16) We are making exciting progress in personal DNA sequencing

17) Digital pantsuits were trending for months, forever changing avante-garde fashion

18) Virtual reality is starting to go mainstream and change our understanding of media

19) Apple Watches became affordable (not by choice!)

20) Crash proof cars are set to hit the market in the next few years

21) We are revolutionizing interactive holographic display

22) Autonomous killing robots will soon no-longer be something you just watch in a Terminator movie

23) Architecture companies have developed 3D maps that will revolutionize city planning

24) The most popular cable package now seems to be Amazon Instant Video + Netflix + Popcorn Time

25) Scientists can now employ nanotech to fight aggressive cancers

So cheer up! Technology is still helping us to create a better world.