Puerto Rico has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, which is a shame because it really is one of my favorite places in the world.

So when I learned about Agrohack, a great success story, I wanted to share it with fellow Puerto Rico fans among my Inc readership. I should add that I do not have a personal relationship with Agrohack, but I do think it's great for the future of the island.

Agrohack is an annual event designed to connect new ideas for technology in agriculture, and the people behind them, to larger players who can make those ideas realities. The organizer, Carlos Cobian, was named "Business Person of the Year in 2016" by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and by Forbes as an "Emerging Leader in the New Puerto Rican Creative Economy."

There have been many challenges of course, not least Puerto Rico's overall economic woes, but Agrohack is part of a number of important Puerto Rican initiatives that are convincing business leaders that the island has a promising future in applying technology to old industries, such as agriculture and pharmaceuticals.

Agrohack also shared a few heartwarming narratives of how the event had changed lives for island entrepreneurs. For example, Decenia Vega, a local farmer, was connected to the Future Agro Challenge in South Africa, where she pitched and won important recognition.

So Agrohack won't solve all of Puerto Rico's problems. But initiatives like it, and their focus on new tech answers to old problems, are part of the solution.