I just had the pleasure of spending five days in London, launching our Gaingels Syndicate there, and had the chance to experience London's rich and growing startup scene.

While doing that, I had the opportunity to explore the headquarters of several companies, as well as some exciting working spaces, and thought I would share three I particularly enjoyed for those of you who may want to know a place to work out of in London (now, or in your future).

1. Second Home

Perched in Whitechapel, which is one of fastest growing near-center neighborhoods, Second Home is a really fun space. It's a close walk to the nearest tube, and a pleasant one (when its not raining or unpleasantly misting, as London is often wont to do) from The City. There are two levels, with fun Kitsch décor, and a really great café in the front area that had the best sweet/spicy sausage on toasted bread that I've ever had. I kept thinking it rivaled the amazing avocado-bacon toast at RISE in New York - so maybe my next Inc piece will be "Best Dishes Served at Startup Coworking Spaces Worldwide J."

2. The Forge

Situated in Shoreditch, which is fast becoming London's early-stage startup capital, The Forge is a great coffee-shop/working space. It has a lot of couches and comfy chair tables throughout, which is increasingly at risk in more crowded co-working spaces, and I had a really great Iced Americano, done right (meaning I got all the ice cubes I wanted).

3. King.com Headquarters

King was kind enough to host the Series Q Panel I sat on at their beautiful headquarters in Soho. It's a very pretty office with a large event space, and the location could not be any better in the city. Hopefully will sit on many panels there in the future.

If you have other locations in London, leave them in the comments!