No matter how important you are, there are only 24 hours in a day. As your company grows and responsibilities increase, and those hours stay the same, managing them and finding the right balance of priorities can become an incredibly difficult talk. Five highly successful founders share their tips on the right way to manage time:

You Can't Do it Alone - Merritt Baer, CEO of TodayTix

"Entrepreneurship is a team sport. Whether finding a great co-founder, who has complementary skill sets (in my case, an old friend I met at theater camp over 20 years ago), or picking your executive team exclusively composed of "A" players (who you can alternately delegate to--or be inspired by), you need a bunch of great teammates to be successful when creating a new business."

Operate on the "First Things First" Philosophy, Mark Sperry, MPowerd

Ask yourself two questions - Is it important?  Is it urgent?  Important and urgent items first, important non-urgent items next.  Importance trumps urgency every time.  Avoid the "tyranny of the urgent" as most "urgent" tasks are simply not important to your success.

Limit and Manage Exposure to Social Media Distractions - Raul Gutierrez, Tiny Bop

The biggest time-sucks in my work day are email/slack/social media that break up more important work. So I strictly schedule and limit how much time I spend on each. By putting a tight cap on the amount of time I spend on have-to-do things, I work more efficiently. By assigning myself tasks in blocks I reduce mode-switching.

So, what do you think is the most important aspect of time management?