England has many interesting places to see outside London, and one of the most interesting but overlooked is definitely Wales. Having just visited, I thought to provide readers with some fun tips on things to see in Bath and Cardiff, the enigmatic Welsh Capital.

Bath is best enjoyed as a 1-3 day excursion from London, not as its own trip. It's a beautiful little town, and boasts some of the nicest architecture in England.

Personally, I found the Roman Baths a bit underwhelming, perhaps "over-museumed" would be a better way to put it. That said, they are still worth a visit as they are perhaps the most complete ancient Roman bath complex you will find outside of Rome, which boasts the incredible Baths of Caracalla and Diocletian. However, I personally found Bath Abbey to be far more interesting. It is one of the prettiest old churches in Europe, with incredible stained glass and beautiful stonework.

Beyond those two sites, I highly recommend trying out one of Bath's lovely B&Bs. There are several excellent ones and the city is perfectly suited for the bed and breakfast experience.

Cardiff is, overall, far more interesting, with a mixture of rugged appeal, awesome castles, and an emerging restaurant and bar scene. While there, make sure to check out the old docks area, which now has a great array of bars, pubs, and restro-bars, especially catering to the students in the city.

Outside of Cardiff, go check out the castles. You can take a cab or uber around to a few for 50-100 pounds, not exactly a bargain but the easiest way if you don't drive, or rent a car. Of the various castles I visited, I thought Caerphilly and Raglan were the most impressive. Bear in mind: my preferences are for gigantic, medieval castles with crumbling moats and leaning towers, so if mock Tudor castles or eighteenth-century revivals are more your case, ignore my recommendations.

With that caveat, Caerphilly is, without doubt, the most impressive defensive castle I've ever seen, and I've been to a few. It's enormous, so large it took me a full 30 minutes to walk around its entirety, and has both a large moat and three different defensive areas: the outer, inner, and the keep. It's also great to visit because, unlike many tourist sites, its not particularly busy, so you can enjoy the peace around you and just think about the fact that if you owned this castle 700 years ago, no one was ever going to take it from you!