I recently had the lucky pleasure of experiencing Hawaii for the first time! It was my 49th state to visit - if you count a bathroom break in Oklahoma on a road trip - and definitely in my top 10.

We visited Honolulu, which isn't always mentioned in the same breath as Maui, but was honestly perfect for a weekend getaway in the middle of a longer work-trip to California. With lots to do and easy accessibility, Honolulu is definitely a great spot in Hawaii if you only have a couple days.

I wanted to share a few key spots and activities I enjoyed and recommended to my friends.

#1: Hanama Bay

Hanama is well known and you will find it in any tourist guidebook. But, while some guidebooks will tell you it's too touristy (it is) its still absolutely worth a visit. The vista alone is stunning, especially standing on the cliff, and the snorkeling is very fun. Also, you can take a lovely 15-minute walk back into town, where you can grab an afternoon coffee and bite.

#2 Diamond Head

Personally, I found the crater itself a tad underwhelming but there were several amazing viewing points along the hike. The second viewing point, before the tunnel, was the best picture I took on my weekend.

#3 Waikiki Public Beach Hotels

If you aren't staying in a beachfront Waikiki hotel, check out the Surfrider or any of the other hotels on the public beach. It's easy to grab some towels, then find your spot on their section of the beach. It's not "their's" persay so indulge!

#4 Poke Bowls

Poke is one of my favorite things and is a regular part of my NYC lunch schedule. But, after the really fresh seafood in Hawaiian poke, it's tough to go back to my NYC fare!