My iPhone is a myriad of addictions, otherwise called apps.

They keep me glued to my screen - but I hardly see that as a negative!

These are my top 25 addiction apps to download this summer, any why:

1)      Waze: There is simply no better app to help you get around. Try it and you won't use anything else. The best thing out of Israel since the Torah.

2)      Knowmail: It organizes your email based on priority and need, similar to Inbox by Gmail, but with more capabilities.

3)      Kindle: I'm not sure there is an app I use more. If you like reading, it's a must.

4)      New York Times: maybe the one app I use more than Kindle. They revamped it recently and its hands down the best app from a major newspaper.

5)      Spotify: It's the best music app, period.

6)      Hotel Tonight: I started using it for last minute mishaps but now I'm tempted to arrive in cities without a hotel room. Who needs advance reservations?

7)      Photoshop Fix: If you are rarely in front of your computer, this lets you access some of the best benefits of photoshop on the go.

8)      Mint: If all American's used it, our collective credit card debt wouldn't be over $1 trillion again for the first time since 2008. #shortmemories

9)      Daily Celebrity Crossword: a personal addiction, and the world's most popular crossword puzzle

10)   Dark Sky: you know you didn't check the weather this morning. So does Dark Sky, which provides it at your exact location. Why look out the window when you can keep staring at your screen?

11)   Select: you will need the card too, but Select's app lets you access cool exclusive benefits in New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

12)   Untappd: If you like beer, this app will always be open on your phone.

13)   Snapchat: it's the best app for sharing yourself, in the moment. Just don't add mom.

14)   Magisto: Gorgeous videos with AI: compared to Snap videos, it's the difference between plain Lays and blue Sun Chips.

15)   Parking Panda: always find the right parking space.

16)   Doorman: finally, your packages won't be stolen anymore. Fellow New Yorkers know exactly what I am talking about.

17)   Periscope: the king of livestreaming.

18)   UStadium: has built one of the most loyal bases of fanatic football fans anywhere. Sophisticated fans, myself included, can engage on its various threads for hours.

19)   Instagram: If Snapchat is for sharing your current self, Insta is for your best self. That funny Snap of you with cake-face? Not insta-approved.

20)   Kik: No one over 30 has heard of it, and everyone under 20 seems to like it that way.

21)   Gypsy Circle: helps you meet people when you travel. #neverlonely

22)   Day One: Your own private journal in the cloud. I still remember the day my brother found the journal from my Thailand trip. If I ever start writing about my life again, there will be a passcode.

23)   Dattch: breaking barriers in the LGBT app community

24)   My Permissions: finally learn what your apps really know about you.

25)   Minecraft: it's a movement. If you haven't tried it, you must.