Do you ever wonder if you communicate differently with customer service if you live on the West Coast, vs. the Best Coast?

Indeed, you do.

San Franciscans and New Yorkers are like oil and water in so many ways, it's hardly a surprise that they text businesses differently. As a born and bred Midwesterner living in New York who plans to eventually move to California, I found that very interesting.

Now, New York startup Teckst, one of my own portfolio companies, specifically defined those differences by analyzing, according to founder Matt Tumbleson, 'more than 140,000 unique word sets from 415 and 917 numbers via SMS customer service.'

There were three particularly interesting results to highlight and I decided to write out what I personally expected to hear, versus the actual result.


My expectation was that New Yorkers texting into customer service would be significantly more unhappy and rushed than their cool-Cali vibe SF counterparts.

Actually, the unhappy percentage sentiment was identical at 55% of texts for both cities.

Cutting it Short

My expectation was that New Yorkers, whose reputation is to always 'be busy and act like you are busier' would use far more acronyms to speed up their texting time.

Actually, San Franciscans very clearly took the efficiency crown, using 3.5X more acronyms in their messages than New Yorkers.


My expectation was that Californians, with their reputation for projecting happiness and excitement in textual communication, would use more definitive punctuation in their texts.

Actually, I was right on this one. SF uses more exclamation points, while New Yorkers got to the point with more questions - at a rate of 60% to 48%.


So, as a New Yorker who will probably move to California at some point in his future, I learned that I will be equally unhappy, yet project more happiness and certainty to hide it, and add in more than my fair share of acronyms for good measure.

:) :) !!