2017 should be a banner year for exciting new technologies and innovations. It got me thinking: what are the 25 best things humanity has invented over the last 100,000 or so years?

25. The Chariot

The chariot revolutionized warfare in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, introducing the first real version of mobile warfare to the battlefield.

24. Beer

23. Drainage

22. Wine

21. The Sword

20. The Bow and Arrow

The stock long range weapon of armies the world over before guns, archers and other missile troops dominated defensive warfare for millennia.

19. Virtual Reality

18. The Ship

17. Cloud Computing

The external storage of data on the cloud will completely revolutionize our society's informational capacity. We are just now beginning to understand the new scopes of our limits.

16. Antibiotics

15. Oil

14. Green Energy

13. Nuclear Devices

12. DNA

The discovery of DNA completely changed our conception of how we work. As we map the genome and make new discoveries daily, our understanding of genetics will completely change our concept of living - and of death.

11. The Automobile

10. Aircraft

9. Mobile Devices

8. Steel

No building, or military, material has been more fundamental to creating modern society than steel. None of our cities and few of our most important possessions would exist without it.

7. Guns

6. Spacecraft

5. Domesticated Animals

4. The Television

3. The Computer

How do you rank between computers, phones, radio, and television? They are all collectively part of the greatest - and still just beginning - revolution in human history - communication.

Ultimately, computers are the future. If computers' capabilities continue to grow at their present pace, one computer will process more 'brain' activity than the entire human race by 2040.

2. The Radio

1. The Telephone