It's 100% fair that people who own and run their own business should pay slightly less in taxes in Canada than employees at large companies...

  • We take on more risk by starting a business on our own, with no steady pay cheque to start, and beginning with either our own money or a loan that needs to be paid back with interest.
  • We don't get paid vacations and paid overtime for the work we do to get our businesses off the ground. Sometimes we don't even take a pay cheque, or take a pay cheque LAST.
  • Our businesses put money back into the Canadian economy when we hire employees or even freelancers or collect GST.
  • It's not easy to get a loan from a bank for things like a house or a mortgage. Even if we can prove steady income for years, even if our credit is great, even if the only "red flag" is self employment. Banks still want more money down, at a higher rate, or they just say "no" at the last second, ruining closing dates on houses (it's happened several times to me).
  • A lot of small businesses invest through their corporations, not to cheat the system, but to create some small semblance of long-term savings for themselves and their families.Small businesses invest in mutual and index funds through their business to offset the risk of not being eligible for EI and not having an employer add to RRSPs.
  • The economy or Canada in general benefits from people starting their own businesses, and working for themselves.
  • Some Canadians formed corporations, not as a tax shelter, but as a legal buffer?--?because they run a legitimate business that requires a level of separation between them and their clients/customers.
  • Small businesses aren't subsidized by the Canadian Government, while big companies like Chrysler, Bombardier and Enerkem (who are mired in legal controversies about not paying for services and supplies).

The liberal government has decided to wage a war on entrepreneurs and small businesses because it's unfair that we should pay less than government workers in taxes. Even though it costs more to run a small business, even though it requires more risk to run a small business, even though most aren't rich crooks trying to scam the system.

Trudeau is one Canada's wealthiest Canadians and made over $1.3m in a six-year period doing speaking gigs?--?taking advantage of the current system. He's said he doesn't want wealthy people (like him?) to take advantage when those who are actually creating jobs and contributing aren't being rewarded. I suppose our reward is to be taxed more heavily than the wealthy? Even Morneau has an offshore company saving a lot on taxes, which is exactly what the government should be working to fix instead of going after small businesses.

This isn't "levelling the playing field", as Morneau so in-eloquently puts it, it's taking a club to the knees of all small businesses, doctors and farmers, who are dealing with a government that now seems to vilify them. It's delivering a crushing blow the middle class while doing nothing to stop the wealthiest from getting wealthier (like Trudeau and Morneau).

This tax reform doesn't fix income equality, it makes it worse.

We aren't the ultra-rich, trying to game the system?--?we're working people trying to make the best of working for ourselves and saving for our family.

The government of Canada is already completely unfair to entrepreneurs in it's country. Entrepreneurs that support it's economy. Entrepreneurs that already have the cards stacked against them. Entrepreneurs that aren't subsidized in any way like the "friends" our government are.

If you're Canadian and own a corporation, I urge you to make a stink about this, Petition YOUR government and request face-time with your MP to complain about it. Democracy means it's our job to change things when our government gets it wrong.