There's a term you've probably heard used a lot in business lately--10X--stepping up your performance from good to truly great. While I'm not sure where the term 10X originally came from, the good news is that it applies to anyone--in any kind of business or industry.

You can 10X your performance as a leader, a front-line employee, or in any other position within an organization.

In his book, Make Change Work for You, Scott Steinberg--one of today's top business strategists--presents 10 habits for future-proofing yourself, fearlessly innovating, and succeeding despite the uncertainty that is a part of fast-changing business markets. Make these habits a part of your life, and 10X your performance starting right now.

1. Be courageous

Courage is a muscle you can build. Practice being courageous by starting with small risks, and working up to greater ones. Act courageously and serve as an example to others, so they can also learn to be courageous.

2. Make fear your friend

Understand that fear is not an inherently negative thing--it is your early warning system for both problems and opportunities. Instead of allowing fear to paralyze you, use it as a way to heighten your awareness, and as a source of inspiration and motivation in the face of change.

3. Turn anxiety into awareness

We all get anxious and nervous in the face of change, but you can convert the anxiety you feel into insights and action. Refuse to be complacent, and constantly push forward--achieving more, gaining more, and doing more.

4. Transform failure into success

Failure is the first step on the road to success. Instead of allowing failure to turn you away from achieving your goals, use failure as motivation for working even harder--and smarter--to achieve them. Keep your goals front and center in the face of failure, and push through the pain. The success you desire is right around the corner.

5. Master the art of improvisation

Change happens, and it's time to embrace unpredictability while becoming faster and more agile in adapting to it. Be resilient, and able to quickly bounce back while moving yourself--and your business and career--constantly forward.

6. Play the odds

To be a top performer, you've got to take risks and push the limits of the status quo. Before you do, however, consider the cost-benefit ratio of every bet you're going to make. Once you know the odds, then you'll be able to take smarter risks.

7. Experiment constantly

Work like a lean startup by constantly trying new things to improve the products and services you provide to your customers, and your company's internal processes. Assess the results, adjust your approach, and then experiment again.

8. Pick your battles

You're not going to win every battle, so you've got to focus your time and energy on the ones that are most important to your success. By picking and choosing your battles, you'll stack the odds in your favor.

9. Keep forging ahead

Never stop moving forward, and never give up.

10. Stay relevant

Create value and competitive advantage--for your business and your career--by constantly innovating, relentlessly reinventing yourself, and staying ahead of change. Pivot and shift as necessary.