Most of us have been there at one time or another during our career: Your inner voice says, "Quit! This is just not worth it!" but you keep rationalizing that it will be too hard to find a replacement for you, you like working with so-and-so, you have only a few more years before you retire, things will get better soon, or you can't find another job that pays this much money.

The truth is you're not doing anyone--mostly yourself, your company, or your customers--any favors by holding onto a job that you know deep down in your heart just isn't right anymore. And, believe it or not, your company will survive just fine without you.

Need some motivation? If one or more of these 10 warning signs resonate with you and you find yourself saying, "Yep, that's me!" then perhaps it really is time to start that job search--now, while you're still employed. What are you waiting for?

1. You can't stand your job.

You dread going into work, and when Mondays roll around you have to create hourly rewards for the day just to motivate yourself to walk out the front door. You consider calling in sick for the slightest thing--you cut yourself shaving, your stomach hurts, whatever. You get the idea--you really dislike your job!

2. Your place of work just isn't what it used to be.

When you began with the company, it was the place to be. You were excited about working there and others envied you. Now years have gone by and the company has changed--maybe it's gone in a different direction or there's new management. Long story short, it has lost its edge--and your excitement along with it.

3. You're working way too much.

Every year you find you're doing more and more to stay above water. You feel like you're drowning at times, even though you're working 40-plus hours a week and on the weekends.

4. You want more pay.

You have been working hard and providing measurably positive results for your company, yet your pay isn't what it should be or you keep getting skipped over for a promotion or new opportunities to grow.

5. You are witnessing illegal behavior.

Let's face it, if the company goes down, and you along with it because of illegal activity, this could tarnish your reputation for a very long time, if not forever, depending on how bad the behavior is.

6. The boss from hell just got hired.

New management has been hired, and you feel he or she will either destroy the company or drive you crazy. The new boss just doesn't understand the company's vision or the employees who work there--actually he or she just doesn't seem to care--and after several months there appears to be little hope of that ever changing.

7. You find yourself creating retirement graphs.

You still have years to go before you can retire, but find yourself spending far too much time dreaming of that house on a tropical beach and charting out how much money you need to save monthly to retire much, much sooner than planned.

8. Strange habits are forming.

You begin waking up in the middle of the night completely stressed because of your job. Complaining about the company becomes your new hobby. You are calling in sick--again!

9. You find yourself daydreaming a lot at work.

Are you bored at work? Can't find the passion and drive you used to have when you first started working there? At your desk, do you find yourself surfing the Web more often or searching the job listings religiously?

10. You're no longer playing well together.

Sometimes the office dynamics change with a few new hires. All of a sudden, you find yourself arguing on a daily basis with your co-workers and feeling as if you're being scrutinized at every turn.