Twitter is big--really big. According to the company, there are more than 288 million monthly active Twitter users, sending out at least 500 million tweets each and every day.

This makes Twitter a great platform for any business--or businessperson--but only if you get it right. The trick is to stand out from the rest of those 500 million daily tweets, and to develop an engaged following that looks forward to reading your messages.

According to social media influencer, author, and entrepreneur Germany Kent, the place to start is with your Twitter profile. Says Kent in her book, You Are What You Tweet, "When crafting your Twitter profile, the more thinking and planning you do, the better the result."

Give Kent's top-10 tips for creating an amazing Twitter profile a try and watch your results improve immediately.

1. Make the best first impression

What do people see when they look at your Twitter profile? What they should see is a great image and a compelling message in your Twitter BIO space (using just 160 characters--20 more characters than a regular tweet) that introduces who you are and explains why anyone should care. Remember: You have only one chance to make a great first impression!

2. View it like a business card

In many ways, a Twitter profile is like a business card, so it should be professional, short, sweet--and informative. Says Kent, "Focus on the information you need to convey."

3. Assess yourself

The self-description you use in your Twitter profile should be both informative and intriguing. This is key for attracting, retaining, and growing followers. Assess yourself--your passions, inspirations, personality, and more--and use this information to craft your profile.

4. Imagine your audience

Know exactly who it is that you want to reach on Twitter, and then craft your profile to attract that audience.

5. Draft your mini-resume

Your Twitter profile can be thought of as a mini-resume. While you want to highlight your greatest accomplishments, you've got to do it with the fewest words possible.

6. Use keywords

Use keywords and hashtags in your profile to increase the number of people who find you when they search on Twitter; for example: #LinkedIn Expert

7. Show confidence, not arrogance

Be careful not to be too boastful or arrogant, which can turn off followers. Be humble and avoid the temptation to brag.

8. Make it playful and positive

Be always positive and playful in your profile and in your tweets. Don't whine and don't complain.

9. Show yourself

According to Kent, "Studies show that a personal photo is far more engaging, and a smiling, headshot-style image is much more approachable and appealing than a nonsmiling one." Get headshots taken by a professional photographer and use the best one for your Twitter profile.

10. Add links

Although Twitter provides a specific place for a link to your website in your profile, you can also include links in your profile itself. Take advantage of this option to gain more credibility and followers.